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Your city in 2050 : backcasting as a method to plan the energy future

The town of Figueres (Spain) hosted a creative and friendly meeting organised in the framework of the "IMAGINE low energy cities" project, in Frebruary.

The project partners (Munich, Lille, Bistrita, Odense, Milton Keynes, Modena, Dobrich, HafenCity University Hamburg and Energy Cities) gathered around a single objective: designing their local energy model for 2050.

Filipa Pimentel and Juan del Río from the Transition Towns network participated in this 2-day work session by facilitating a discussion on energy transition matters and coordinating a workshop on the backcasting method.

"Backcasting" differs from "forecasting" since it does not start from current reality to prepare different scenarios but on the contrary, this method starts with imagining a vision for the future, and asks the question " What do I do today to achieve this vision?".

This process, which allows for a great space for creativity and innovation, is widely used by the Transition Towns, such as Totnes (GB).

Deputy Mayor of Figueres Pere Giró said: "the basic purpose of these meetings is to exchange experiences between cities. Despite the differences in size and energy model between countries and cities, the possibility to share knowledge and projects is key to the whole IMAGINE project".

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