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Testimonials of partners

City of Milton Keynes

"Energy in a city is more than heat and light. It keeps a city alive and growing, with the confidence to create a thriving local economy, high employment and happy citizens. The Imagine 2050 project is an opportunity for city leaders to hear the views of the community and understand their aspirations for the future of their city. Milton Keynes is a modern city and embraces the challenges of the future, seeking to be a pathfinder for sustainable communities over the coming decades."

Councillor Andrew Geary, Leader of Milton Keynes Council

City of Modena

"The Imagine project is for Modena a very important occasion to monitor and assess the projects of private and public entities included in the Sustainable Energy Action Plan approved by the City Council in 2011 under the Covenant of Mayors initiative and encourages these actors to reflect together on the model of city we want to reach in the coming decades. Imagine aims at obtaining concrete results, but it is also a project with an important visionary character and we believe that the right combination between vision and action will help us to define, thanks to the implementation of a participatory process, the future of Modena."

Simona Arletti, Town Councillor for Environment

City of Munich

“The city of Munich has been involved in the IMAGINE Initiative since it started. We think that the IMAGINE project is a great opportunity to share experiences, to discover different approaches and to define new ways of involving local stakeholders towards low energy cities.

We have already implemented some ideas of IMAGINE: long term vision with the “Perspektive München” (“Munich Perspective”) as an urban strategy, involvement of stakeholders with the help of the alliance “München für Klimaschutz” (“Munich for Climate Protection”) and including energy in all activities undertaken by the city through the “Integrierte Handlungsprogramm Klimaschutz München” (“Integrated Action Program for Climate Protection“ (SEAP).

The “Leitlinie Ökologie” (“Ecology Guideline to Climate Protection”), part of the Munich Perspective, was updated last year after a public consultation, which allowed citizens to participate in the discussions. The target of the “2000 Watts Society” has been discussed by the City Council as a long term target. IMAGINE could help us define ways for reaching such an ambitious target!”

Joachim Lorenz, Full-time City Councillor, Head of Department of Health and Environment

Hafen City University (Hamburg)

"In the fast moving field of energy policies only an interdisciplinary approach with stakeholders with different experiences, know-how, practices and background can be the key success criteria for a sustainable future. We are happy to be the academic partner of the IMAGINE project and are excited to share our scientific knowledge with the founded practical experiences of eight European cities, in order to work together on practicable and efficient sustainability measures. The auspicious synergy effects open up new vistas of energy policies that lead us to a sustainable future of our cities."

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