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Test of the Energy Puzzle in Odense

On the 3rd of February 2014, the municipality of Odense (Denmark) tested the "energy puzzle".

At the IMAGINE seminar in Odense (December 2013, see our article), our sustainability puzzle was presented as one of the good examples for integrating sustainability in the planning processes in the municipality.

The experience with the puzzle gave inspiration to create an energy-oriented puzzle based on the same ideas. The puzzle should help making the process of filling out the assessment grid of the IMAGINE project easier. As part of the test phase of the energy puzzle in Odense, a session was held with stakeholders from different offices in the department.

The session started with a short introduction to the IMAGINE project. This was followed by a description of the energy puzzle and brief introduction to the expected output of the session.

Playing the game was a good starting point for the dialogue on the different topics of the energy puzzle. Through the discussions we discovered that some topics that seemed to be relevant for one office actually also influenced other offices and there could be potentials for collaboration between offices.

Using the puzzle for the grid makes the process easier, and it’s a good approach for discussing the different topics. It requires much from the game master and it’s important to have a referent for the session. Cities should not expect to go through all questions in the grid within a session, but it’s a good starting point for the process.

Christoffer Kirk Strandgaard
© photos City of Odense

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