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Research on climate change governance at HafenCity University

Academic Assistance for IMAGINE cities

To fulfill its role as an academic partner, HafenCity University Hamburg contributes to the IMAGINE project thanks to a longstanding experience in Climate Governance Research, headed by Professor Dr. Jörg Knieling. It assists the IMAGINE cities in analysing and assessing their climate governance structures by developing an assessment grid and drawing up case studies.
The current analysis is based on the city of Munich. Local stakeholders from different sectors are being identified and interviewed; the structure, instruments and processes of Munich’s climate and energy policies are studied scientifically.

New book on Climate Change Governance

A new publication offers a collection of innovative approaches to climate change governance:

Climate change is a cause for concern both globally and locally. To tackle it holistically, its governance is an important topic needing scientific and practical consideration. Climate change governance is an emerging area, and one which is closely related to state and public administrative systems and the behaviour of private actors, including the business sector, as well as the civil society and non-governmental organisations. (…)"

The book is already available on the web, the table of content and some sample pages are offered to be downloaded for free. The hardcover version will be published in the beginning of 2013.

References - Knieling, J.; Leal, W.F. (eds.) 2013: Climate Change Governance, Heidelberg: Springer. Go to the website.

Information provided by HafenCity University.

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