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**Low-Energy City Policy Handbook**

This handbook is aimed for decision makers in European local authorities searching for new ways to work towards achieving low energy cities. It is intended to give inspiration and practical advice to elected political leaders as well as civil servants to run their own energy transition process at the local level.

Need a hard copy of the IMAGINE Policy Handbook? Please send your request to floriane.bernardot[at]

Part A : The city of the future, the future of the city
This part of the handbook presents the results of the development of Local Energy Roadmaps 2050 in the eight IMAGINE pilot cities.

Part B : Lost in (energy) transition ? Tools and methods
This part provides insights on citizen and stakeholder involvement at city level. It goes behind the scenes and gives details on the making of local authorities’ efforts in favour of the energy transition.

Handbook - Short local versions

**Case studies**

Analysing local energy transition processes - 4 case studies prepared by IMAGINE academic partner HafenCity University.

**Assessment Grids**

To comprehend the energy transition process in urban areas, the IMAGINE project developed an assessment grid. This tool enables local authorities to self-evaluate the progress of their own energy transition.

Assessment Grids filled in by the IMAGINE partner cities:

Fill in your own Assessment Grid!

**IMAGINE promotional leaflet**

English, August 2012

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