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Proposals for the energy transition of cities and towns

"Energy Cities is proud to present its Proposals for the energy transition of cities and towns. They constitute a source of inspiration to think and act differently and to finally turn our backs on non-sustainable practices that can only lead us to energy, climatic and possibly economic and social dead-ends.

A transition is a shift from an initial to a future state. For Energy Cities, the energy transition is a shift from a system dominated by finite (fossil and fissile) energy towards a (renewable) flow energy-based system. Such a shift will require simultaneously taking ambitious actions to reduce our energy use. It is our century’s challenge.

Political decisions made at European and national levels are indispensable to show us the way forward. Several countries have already decided to take decisive action along this path. It is, however, at the local level that the new energy paradigm is being invented, through a multitude of initiatives implemented by a wealth of private, public and associative partners. All have a common goal -the low energy city with a high quality of life for all- and most are from cities engaged in the Covenant of Mayors.

The world that is taking shape before us is being built at the local level. The transition will take time. All the more reason for wasting no time in getting started! Such a shift involves a massive cultural change, that is, a change in our ways of thinking energy, its uses, production, systemic organisation and players.

To accelerate the energy transition and based on its members’ practices, Energy Cities has organised its Proposals into five strategic areas:

  • Empowering local actors,
  • Knowing our territories’ resources and flows,
  • Rethinking finance in general,
  • Inventing a new local governance,
  • Urban planning as a way of reducing energy use.

Local energy transition will take place through alliances involving a multitude of players at all levels and in all fields. Energy Cities intends to contribute to it. This is why, in addition to local authorities which are their primary readership, these Proposals are also intended for businesses, community organisations and public institutions ready to take up the challenge of the century.

I now invite you to discover them!"

Eckart Würzner, Mayor of Heidelberg and President of Energy Cities.

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