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Odense draws its energy future

On 7 February 2012, Odense (Denmark) held its first IMAGINE local forum. The forum was held as a workshop and its objective was to imagine the future energy system of the town. There were about 40 participants: stakeholders from the University of Southern Denmark, politicians, major energy consumers, utility companies, energy producers and civil servants.

The stakeholders had already brought up many good ideas, regarding future actions but also actions they could start right away, that would all lead to the desired energy future. Most of the ideas that came up needed a little boost to get started, so part of the workshop turned out consisting in matchmaking the different stakeholders!

It seems that the future role for the Odense municipality is to facilitate such cooperation among different stakeholders with common interests. A few things have already started. Among them, a cooperation between a natural gas company and the bus operator, aiming to make buses run on natural gas or biogas. The major CHP is now operating with the goal of phasing out of coal.

photos: Odense

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