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Not to miss! IMAGINE Seminar in Munich

The first IMAGINE INTERREG IVC Seminar will take place from 3 to 5 December in Munich (Germany).

The seminar will focus on how long-term visioning can help short term decisions.
During the “political session” at the City Hall, on Monday 3 December in the afternoon, several political leaders will present the strategy of their city to share long term energy visions with local stakeholders.

The seminar will then carry on at the Centre of Exhibition for Energy and Building, where the participants will share visions, best practices and methods. The “Munich case study” will be part of the seminar, with different stakeholders expressing their views about the energy transition in the German city.

"Exchange" is actually a crucial aspect of the seminar. The participants will get the opportunity to experiment the “Group Model Building Method”, a participatory method for analysing data within a group of people.

Professor Hans Peter Dürr, a well-known German physicist and philosopher and a founding councillor at the World Future Council, will take part in the event. Participants will also have the opportunity to attend a conference by Dennis L. Meadows, an American scientist, widely known as the co-author of ’The Limits to Growth’.

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