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“Munich on its way to a 2000-watt society”

In April 2014, the Department of Health and Environment of the City of Munich organised a local forum named “Munich on its way to a 2000-watt society” with stakeholders from the urban administration, NGOs and commercial and industrial companies.

After an official welcome, there were two introductory lectures. Andreas Huber, Director of the Club of Rome / Germany, set a framework for the day with his presentation about “Turnaround in energy policy and in consumer behaviour for a city with future”.

All participants came together for a World Café session aimed at developing innovative ideas and visions for a 2000-watt city in 2050.

Afterwards, the participants split into four workshops - energy production and distribution (1), buildings and private households (2), mobility (3), and retail and industry (4) to find a way to implement the visions for 2050 with practical milestones.

The municipality experienced some difficulty in making the best of the back casting method, as it was hard to get enough milestones within the short time of the workshops. They however got practical milestones at the beginning and at the end of the timeline from 2014 to 2050, but less in the middle.

People need much more time to think about visions and what could happen in 10, 20…years in the future. The process of developing ideas for the future, with realistic milestones and which can work or not besides the normal way of thinking is a challenge for many people and takes time. The results will be available on the Internet in the next few weeks and they will be introduced into Munich’s local energy road map.

Emmanuelle Polette-Burkhardt
© photos City of Munich

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