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Modena : innovative ideas for an Energy Roadmap 2050

On 20 February 2014, the workshop “The sustainable city - a city that changes - Imagine together the Modena of the future” was held in Modena (Italy).

It allowed for identifying innovative ideas to draw an Energy Roadmap to 2050, through discussions with professionals, companies, start-ups and rapidly changing realities of Modena, coordinated by a journalist.

The forum took place under the form of a workshop and brainstorming of ideas and proposals for 2050. The chairman, a journalist from a national broadcasting radio (Radio 24), stimulated the audience to speak on projection needs, and especially proposals, each in its field of application. In parallel, the initiative provided start-ups with a stand space on central square of Modena to local.

These companies and organisations have brought knowledge of the areas in which they operate and the potential for innovation that their work allows for the near future, primarily aimed at qualified and trained young people, wishing to develop innovative ideas in technology and processes.

At the end of the event, it was possible the municipality had been able to collect suggestions for the definition of its Local Energy Roadmap.

More information on this event (in Italian)

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