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Milton Keynes (GB), the city of intelligent mobility

The Low Carbon Transport Zone (LUTZ) programme sets out to demonstrate the concepts of Intelligent Mobility and explore the extent to which they might offer solutions for the challenges of urban mobility in the 21st century.

The programme has been developed by the Intelligent Mobility Working Group (IMWG) of the UK Automotive Council, working in discussion with industry and government.In overall terms, the programme is budgeted at approximately £65M (almost €78M) and is scheduled to run over a period of 5 years.

Within Milton Keynes, LUTZ is part of a wider Future City Programme - a collaboration between business, higher education and government partners that positions Milton Keynes at the forefront of the UK’s smart city agenda.

Impression of auto-pods in Milton Keynes centre

LUTZ is intended to deliver a programme of demonstration and exploration that goes far beyond what has been done to date within the UK. Based on the observation that many of the difficulties in implementing intelligent systems lie in the human interface, a key factor is to test the reception which such systems are given when deployed at scale in a normal working environment. With this need in mind, an ‘Urban Laboratory’ has been sought to enable such work to take place. It has been agreed that Milton Keynes will act as host for the LUTZ Urban Laboratory. LUTZ is an integrated programme with three key themes: Autonomous Vehicle, Spontaneous Mobility and Directed Research.

Milton Keynes Council is keen to explore ambitious and radical solutions to future transportation challenges, whilst responding to the imperative that they must at all times maintain and enhance the city’s current levels of mobility. Significant achievements in low carbon transport by the city to date include the deployment of over 100 publicly-accessible charging points for electric vehicles; the imminent launch of a wirelessly charged electric bus service on a principal service route through the city; and the launch of an electric-vehicle car club.

Contibutors : Geoff Snelson & Brian Matthews, Milton Keynes City Council

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