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Latest news from Modena (Italy)

Over the past few months, the City of Modena contributed to the elaboration of the IMAGINE Low-Energy City Policy Handbook and developed Modena’s Local Energy Roadmap.

The Roadmap synthesizes a series of proposals, with the aim of implementing initiatives to foster sustainable development of the city of Modena to 2050. There are five identified fields of action: urban planning, construction and built environment, mobility and transport, smart community and smart city, life styles and well-being.

The participatory process implemented in the framework of the IMAGINE project and that led to the Local Energy Roadmap was presented on the occasion of the Future of Cities Forum 2014 (IMAGINE Final Conference) on 30 October 2014, during the afternoon session entitled “Citizen engagement in urban change”.

Alessandro Pelligra (Modena) at the Future of Cities Forum 2014.

Results and activities implemented during the project, with a specific focus on the work developed through focus groups, were described during a session of the 2014 Week of Bio-architecture and ambient assisted living on 19 November in Modena (further information).

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