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Latest news from Dobrich

On 10 May 2014, Dobrich (Bulgaria) organized its second IMAGINE local forum with more than 40 participants, mainly representatives of different municipal departments.
A highlight of the forum was the brainstorming session amongst the administrative staff: “IMAGINE Dobrich as a low energy city”. The results show that the municipality of Dobrich should focus its efforts on changing citizens’ behaviours regarding smart energy consumption and increasing energy efficiency.

On 17 May 2014, the municipality of Varna and the Black Sea Regional Agency for Energy Management organized the second edition of the “Intelligent Energy Days”. The thematic workshop “Climate change – a challenge for our society” was the occasion to present the project “IMAGINE… low energy cities”. The aim of this meeting was to strengthen the “Climate change and sustainable development” message to all stakeholders and to seek ways to strengthen and harmonize policy, practice and implementation of actions in favour of sustainable development by sharing knowledge, skills and expertise.

Dobrich also presented the IMAGINE project at a national event with more than 150 participants - the XLII National Assembly of Municipal Environmental Experts in Bulgaria. The meeting helped municipalities identify mechanisms and methodologies to enhance cooperation in tackling climate change.

Last week, the Black Sea area of Bulgaria was hit by heavy floods provoking a dozen deaths. Our thoughts are very much with Bulgaria in these harsh times, and especially with the cities of Varna and Dobrich.

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