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Latest energy news from Figueres !

Academic partnership on energy issues

This year, Figueres’ Town Council approved two scholarships for postgraduate researchers in energy issues. This results from the agreement signed between the Institute of Energy and Sustainable Development of De Monfort University (Leicester, UK) and the municipality of Figueres. A student in MSc (Master of Science) "Climate Change and Sustainable Development" and one in MSc "Energy and Industrial Sustainability" will lead research works in Figueres on 2 topics:

  • connections between urban planning, mobility and energy production and consumption in the city of Figueres,
  • energy issue in public services such as waste and water management.

Implementation of the SEAP

The municipality of Figueres is implementing its Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP). Last October, the city ended the retrofitting of one of its public kindergartens.

The renovation works consisted in changing all the windows of the building and improved insulation. This measure is expected to allow the building to save 25% of the energy consumption for heating and cooling and to reduce the CO2 emissions by 25%. This is one more step on the way to improve energy efficiency in municipal buildings. This action was coordinated by the Local Energy Agency of Figueres.

Information provided by the city of Figueres.

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