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KlimaCampus Hamburg tests the IMAGINE Energy Puzzle

As part of the “Climate Science Day” held on December 2nd 2014 in Hamburg, HafenCity University presented an adapted IMAGINE test version of the Energy Puzzle to the public.

The Climate Science Day is organised by KlimaCampus Hamburg, a Hamburg-wide network of research institutions working on climate related topics. HafenCity Univesrity is a member of the network. The aim of the event is to present the work and achievements of the network to politics, economy experts and a wider audience as well as to raise interest in climate science.

At the exhibition stand, visitors had the possibility to play the Energy Puzzle, which is a tool based on Odense’s Sustainability Puzzle.

To make it easier to understand and use, the puzzle was translated into German and explanations for each topic were adapted. A short explanation of the rules provides participants with advice on how to play the game. One player chooses a piece with a topic which is then discussed within the group. The main question that was dealt with is: How much is the city of Hamburg including and addressing the chosen topic within the current and future energy strategy?

The puzzle is a playful way of introducing and explaining the topic of energy governance as co-operation between different players and stakeholders where interests, needs, visions and opinions can be exchanged.

Further information about the “Climate Science Day”.

Katharina Klindworth, Jörg Knieling, Katja Säwert for HafenCity University

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