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INTERREG IVC Thematic Programme Capitalisation Project

Report on INTERREG IVC Thematic Capitalisation Workshop on Energy Efficiency - 9th November 2012 in Brussels

The capitalisation workshops are part of an internal Interreg 4c initiative to exploit knowledge generated by all I4c funded projects. In general, there is concern that the good work and practice identified and exemplified by I4c projects is not widely used outside the immediate area of the project partners. The Thematic Programme Capitalisation (TCP) project was created by Interreg to address this.

The broad aim of the project is to “use and exploit the thematic knowledge from projects working on similar topics for the benefit of all regions”.

There are 12 ‘Themes’ supported under I4c, of which energy efficiency is one. Within each of these, 12 of the supported projects have been invited to participate, via workshops interviews and project evaluation.

Information provided by Milton Keynes Council.

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