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IMAGINE regenerative urban development: Photo highlights of the Future of Cities Forum 2014

The Final Conference of the IMAGINE low energy cities project was embedded in the Future of Cities Forum 2014, which took place on 30-31 October in Munich.

The Forum gathered about 90 people from all over Europe and beyond!

Opening session with Stefan Schurig (Climate and Energy Director at the World Future Council) and Claire Roumet (Executive Director of Energy Cities).

A rich and diversified programme allowed for fruitful exchanges to find ways towards regenerative urban development.

Panel discussion on "Building political will and leadership" with Peter Marland (Leader of Milton Keynes City Council), Sylvia Franzl (Munich’s Department of Health and Environment) and Claire Roumet.

Open space session and workshops were the occasion for participants to discuss citizen engagement, multi-level governance, creating local value, the link between research and policy-making...

Last but not least, participants could learn more about the achievements of the city of Munich in the field of sustainable energy thanks to study visits organised by the municipality.

The Forum report will soon be available on the event website:

More pictures of the Future of Cities Forum.

IMAGINE low energy cities project website:

© photos Andreas Gebert

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