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IMAGINE project taking off in Modena

In Modena (Italy), the beginning of the IMAGINE project was supported by the great enthusiasm of all stakeholders in the energy sector.

At the moment, the IMAGINE team in Modena is very busy organising the first Local Energy Forum that will take place on 24 November on the occasion of the Energy Education Day.

"The IMAGINE project", says Simona Arletti, Town Councillor in charge of the Environment, "offers the very important occasion to monitor and assess the projects of private and public entities involved in the Sustainable Energy Action Plan. This SEAP was approved by the City Council in 2011 under the Covenant of Mayors initiative and encourages these actors to think together about the model of city we want to reach in the coming decades."

"IMAGINE aims to get concrete results”, concludes Mrs Arletti, “but it is also a project with a significant visioning aspect and we believe that a relevant combination between vision and action will help us define, through the implementation of a participatory process, the future of Modena."

photo: Simona Arletti, Town Councillor in charge of the Environment - Modena, Italy.
logo photo: City of Modena by AFP

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