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IMAGINE goes East: 10th Seminar held in Dobrich

It was the first time an IMAGINE Seminar was held in Eastern Europe. The 10th Seminar (and 5th in the framework of the IMAGINE INTERREG project) took place in Dobrich, Bulgaria, on 11 & 12 June 2014. The event gathered approximately 50 participants.

During the 1st day, the seminar tackled three themes:

1. Forecasting and planning the sustainable energy future of cities
The presentations focused on challenges and opportunities that cities face on their ways to sustainable development that leads to better quality of life with a minimum impact on resources and the environment. The role of buildings in the energy future of cities was discussed with examples and lessons learned from front runner cities.

2. The impact of nearly zero energy buildings (NZEB)
NZEB are considered as the most accessible lever for cities to influence local climate policies. The “passive house” standard is the shortest way to NZEB, which have to be cost effective, using mostly renewable energy sources and close to zero CO2 emissions. NZEB also aim at providing optimal sanitary, thermal, acoustic and overall living comfort.

3. Mobilising stakeholders
The role of citizens and stakeholders in the transition towards a low energy city was explained and showcased with the examples from the IMAGINE pioneer cities of Munich (Germany), Modena (Italy) and Odense (Denmark).

It was the first time the IMAGINE project partners gathered in Eastern Europe.

During the 2nd day, the participants got an insight into the overall development strategy of Dobrich presented by the mayor, Mrs Detelina Nikolova. Three site visits were organised to an energy-efficient kindergarten financed via an ESCO scheme, a PV plant owned by the biggest producer of green energy on the territory of Dobrich (60,000 PV panels) and a biogas station with a total capacity of 800 kWh (private investment supported by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development).

Proceedings and presentations of the Seminar will soon be available on the "Publications" section of

Last week, the Black Sea area of Bulgaria was hit by heavy floods provoking a dozen deaths. Our thoughts are very much with Bulgaria in these harsh times, and especially with the cities of Varna and Dobrich.

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