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IMAGINE at the Open Days and World Urban Forum !

This autumn, IMAGINE enjoyed a great visibility notably through two major events: the World Urban Forum and the Open Days.

World Urban Forum

On 3 September, Energy Cities co-organised a networking event on the topic of "Regenerative Cities – beyond sustainability" at the World Urban Forum in Naples (Italy) along with the World Future Council, Hafen City University and REN21.

During this event policy-makers from different governance levels, academics as well as civil society organizations actively discussed, interacted and brainstormed about different urban planning opportunities and challenges especially with regards to local renewable energy sources, territorial resource management and enabling governance structures for successful implementation.
Urbanisation is the struggle of humans distributing the common goods. Enabling legislations and good policies are needed to provide rules and guide this process. Our cities need a global political debate, not just politically correct ideas.

Excerpts from the World Future Council report

Open Days

This year again, IMAGINE was part of the Open Days (8-11 October in Brussels) with a workshop entitled "Community-led territorial energy roadmaps – towards a Covenant of Mayors 2050?". About 150 participants discussed the possibilities for the European Commission to offer EU co-funding to energy transition strategies such as foresight exercises at local level or the development of local sustainable energy roadmaps. The workshop also allowed to reposition the Covenant of Mayors commitments within long-term 2050 visions.

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