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Figueres’ roadmap - "Energy in the 2050’s"

As a final step of the IMAGINE Low Energy Cities project, the city of Figueres presented and published its roadmap entitled “Figueres: Energy in the 2050’s”.

This document shows all the work accomplished in Figueres during the period 2012-2014 in the framework of this INTERREG IVC IMAGINE project.
Thanks to a participatory process, Figueres involved local stakeholders and could define with them a vision of the energy future at local level (horizon 2050) and a roadmap to achieve this vision.

A citizen forum in Figueres

This roadmap includes the methodology and activities of public participation developed in Figueres and a diagnosis of the energy issue at global and local level. It describes the vision of energy in the future taking into account the following fields: consumption habits and public awareness, construction, mobility, energy production and management, transformations of the economic and social model and, finally, the city and climate change. The roadmap was structured around the same fields. It also includes a graphic synthesis of the future scenarios, a puzzle that shows the interrelationship and complexity between the different fields related to energy and an action plan.

The roadmap “Figueres: Energy in the 2050’s” is available into English, Catalan and Spanish. In order to communicate and disseminate this roadmap, a video showing the city in the future has been recorded. Both are available on the municipal webpage at

Xavier Turro for the city of Figueres.

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