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Figueres on track for becoming a sustainable city!

> Co-create a long-term vision to shape all policies*

Involving the citizens in building the energy future of their city

In the framework of the Imagine Project, the Municipality of Figueres launched a photography competition using new ways of social communication such as Instagram and Twitter. The aim of this competition, open to all citizens, is to show the citizens’ visions on the energy issue at local level.

The competition has been divided into two kinds of participation. One is aimed at showing current positive aspects related to energy and the other one negative aspects. A jury made of local energy and communication experts will choose the three best images of each group. The prizes of this competition are solar backpacks, solar chargers and kits of led bulbs. The pictures will be uploaded on the municipal Imagine webpage and will be taken into account in the Imagine project to design the energy future of our city.

> Plan modal shift to sustainable transport*

New electric motorbikes for the municipality

The municipality of Figueres bought two new electric motorbikes for its technical services. These two motorbikes will be used by officers of the environment and urban-planning departments. The two motorbikes were developed by a local company called Rieju, which enjoys a long experience in the motorbike sector. The "Mius" model is the contribution of this local company to electric mobility. The municipality of Figueres show its determination to encourage new modes of urban mobility and to promote local economy.

> Lead by example by transforming municipal energy management*

Improving public lighting

This year, the municipality of Figueres has carried on enacting the Local Plan for Public Lighting. Figueres has about 8,000 public lighting spots,1,100 of which have been disconnected. In addition, in some places the power has been reduced. As a result the energy savings have reached 17%. These two measures have been undertaken without any finanical cost. Another action consisted in substituting old bulbs for new energy-efficient bulbs. So far, Figueres has changed 165 bulbs, allowing for a 43% reduction in the energy consumption compared to the former installation.

* These are part of Energy Cities’ 30 Proposals for the energy transition of cities and towns

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