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Energy Local Forums and International Seminar in Modena

On 12 March 2013, in the framework of the second Local Energy Forum, Modena launched a contest entitled “IMAGINE a sustainable City in 2050”.

The aim was to encourage students and pupils to share ideas on how to make Modena more sustainable and nicer to live in at the horizon 2050. The themes of the contest were: (1) energy and water, (2) mobility and transport, (3) buildings and urban planning, (4) waste, (5) health and well being. The challenge was officially launched in parallel to an exhibition entitled “EnergETICAmente”, aimed at making the visitors think about waste reduction, notably by using materials able to improve energy efficiency.
The Awarding Ceremony took place on 5 June.
Discover who won the contest and see pictures here.
The 3rd Local Energy Forum was held on 9 May, comprising a workshop called “Sustainable energy scenarios and ideas for firms”. It involved local businesses, producers, traders and various professionals in the definition of proposals for energy policies in Modena, in accordance with the European Union’s strategies.

From 5 to 7 June 2013, Modena hosted the IMAGINE International Seminar, an occasion of debate among project partners, Modenese stakeholders, experts and politicians on the future of our cities from nowadays to 2050.
In the morning of 6 June, a debate took place amongst politicians on the issue of sustainable development in European cities and, in the afternoon, a round table with local experts and political representatives and three workshops with representatives of organisations, associations, partner cities, citizens, etc., were organised. The workshops focused on three topics:

  • Human being/Culture/Philosophy and social life,
  • Science/Research/Innovation,
  • Environmental development/Territory/Health and Welfare.

For more information on the Seminar, please click here.

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