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Development of the IMAGINE assessment grid by HCU

The HafenCity University Hamburg is currently developing the Assessment Grid of the IMAGINE project.

This tool will be a starting point to analyse the cities energy-managing structures and will serve as a basis for the case studies to come.

Build on a qualitative approach, it aims to identify particular areas of capacity and to distinguish between the strongest ones and those that need improvement. It will also measure the changes in the capacity of an organisation over time.

During the IMAGINE workshop held in September in Bistrita (see the article in this newsletter), the partners discussed the draft with the aim to adjust it to their needs and make it convenient and relevant. A webinar to come soon will guide the cities step by step in how to use the grid and test its applicability. It will operate for the first time in November to gather data for the Munich case study.

photo : Hafen City University Hamburg

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