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Co-creating the city of the future - IMAGINE Seminar in Odense

Odense, the 3rd biggest city in Denmark, hosted the 9th IMAGINE Seminar on 3 and 4 December 2013. "Local energy transition within multilevel context - co-creating the city of the future" was the theme of these two days of thinking.

Much diversified, this seminar was the occasion for the participants to go for a bguided bike ride in the city, discover a neighbourhood being renovated, learn more about the benefits of public-private partnerships and on the municipal sustainable development policy.

Because, let’s say it, Odense is greatly inspiring for its European counterparts. Energy savings, sustainable transport, social dynamism and integration are part of the city’s top priorities. Many local players, both from public and private sectors, presented their projects in favour of sustainable energy.

Participants also could discover a concept in behavioural science: the nudge theory. This is a subtle way of incentivising people to change their behaviour, by modifying minuscule things & avoiding poiting fingers at them. A concept that can and should definitely be applied to eco-friendly practices!

Another strengh of the city of Odense is its holistic approach to sustainable development. The city’s department for ’Culture and Urban Development’ thus created a fun and efficient tool: the ’sustainability puzzle’. Including all the dimensions to consider when developing a project (such as waste, biodiversity, job creation, cooperation, but also culture, health, accessibility, etc.), this puzzle allows for thinking about all economic, environmental or social aspects to make a project as sustainable as possible. Tried and tested by the participants!

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