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Citizens imagine Modena 2050 !

On saturday, 24 November 2012, the first Local Energy Forum organised in the framework of the IMAGINE project was held in Modena.

In the morning, Town Councillor for Environment of Modena, Simona Arletti, and Councillor for Environment of the Province of Modena, Stefano Vaccari, illustrated - together with the Director of Modena’s Agency for Energy and Sustainable Development, Marcello Antinucci - the state of the art in the implementation of the different SEAPs [1] approved by the City of Modena and other cities of the Province. It was a moment of reflection, mainly institutional, in which mayors and local administrators of the Province of Modena took part.

During the afternoon, in one of the main squares of the historic town centre,a set was installed: citizens and stakeholders were invited to express their vision of the city in 2050. Many people agreed to be interviewed and they showed great interest for a project involving directly the civil society in setting up sustainable development policies over the long term.

Photo: citizens giving their opinion about their city in 2050 - City of Modena.

The event on 24 November represented a first step, during which the project was introduced to the citizens with a participatory and funny approach. For next initiatives, more structured methods of involvement are now assumed, through the organisation of workshops and other meetings.

Flash info: Modena’s local IMAGINE web page in Italian and these are particularly useful to encourage citizens’ involvement.

Information provided by the city of Modena.

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