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Bistrita’s first Local Forum

The City of Bistrita took the opportunity to organise a first meeting of local stakeholders in the framework of the IMAGINE’s second steering committee that took place in Bistrita last September.

The City decided to do so to allow the local stakeholders to meet the partners of the IMAGINE project and to have a better understanding of what the project is about. And what better time to explain if not during this international meeting?

In this first meeting, there were 32 participants from the fields of education, NGOs, local firms involved in energy issues, public institutions, etc. They had an animated and interactive debate, with active participants from the IMAGINE team, on subjects of interest to all participants, that will help elaborate the Energy Roadmap 2050 for Bistrita.

Some of the issues discussed were:

  1. the creation of a photovoltaic plant, in partnership with the town of Lechinta, that produces 2,5 Mw of electricity
    (Codrin Somesan – Green Energy representative);
  2. the impact of the energy prices in Romania for the final consumer, and the influence on the price, if more wind power or photovoltaic plants were to be used
    (Stelian Taranu - SC Tecomed SRL Bistrita representative, specialised in low energy projects);
  3. students’ ways of promoting green energy and methods for energy saving – projects in partnership with the city of Bistrita
    (a secondary school of Bistrita);
  4. first local project of public lightning using photovoltaic plants and led bulbs
    (Radu Potra - S.C. Iproeb Bistrita representative);
  5. the impact of new types of energy on the environment – sun, biomass, etc
    (Cristian Tetcu – local forum "Energy +20" representative, running his own entreprise)
  6. how to implement green projects in the countryside
    (Stefan Ambrus – consultant EU – rural associations) ;
  7. the way of involving youth in the project’s implementation process - eco groups in schools and small projects for students
    (Cristian Munthiu – local forum "Energy +20" representative).

At the end of the debate, the participants concluded that they need to become local multipliers in promoting the IMAGINE objectives, so that the Roadmap 2050 would be the result of all local stakeholders’ reflection and action.

Information provided by the city of Bistrita.

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